A0920 IR Remote Repeater Kit
A0921 Additional Transmitter To Suit A 0920
A0923 IR Remote Receiver To Suit A 0920/30
A0924 IR Emitter To Suit A 0920/30
A0928 Infra-Red Over HDMI Extender Kit
A0930 Wireless Infra-Red Remote USB Extender Kit
A1012A 6 in 1 Pre-Programmed / Learning Universal Remote Control
A1039 RL-IR100 IR Remote Extender System Kit
A1040 RL-IR305 IR Remote Extender System Junction Box
A1041 RL-IR505 IR Remote Extender System Junction Box
A1045 RL-RF900 IR Injector Suit A 1046/48/50
A1052 RL-IR700 Single IR Emitter
A1053 RL-IR800 Dual IR Emitter
A1056 RL-RF210 Flat Screen IR Target
A1057 RF380 Video I/R Hub 3 Input, 8 Output
A1063A  DC Blocker F Type Male to F Type female
A1067 RL-ACC160 IR Emitter Shield Pk2
A1075A Stick On Infrared Target 5m
A1076A Infra-Red Extender - IR Target HPM Wallplate
A1077 Infra-Red Extender System - Wall Mount IR Emitter
A1080 Dual IR Emitter
A1103B Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter & Receiver
A1107A High Power Bluetooth V5.0 Audio Transmitter & Receiver
A1111 3.5mm Plane Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

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