Digi-MOD HD modulator solutions for distributed AV systems

Altronics are proud to stock Digi-MOD digital TV signal modulators which have fast become industry standard across Australia and New Zealand. Digi-MOD product cutting edge digital modulators and accessories which are used in hotels, pubs, clubs and function venues. Digimod and their parent company Zycast/Resi-linx have played an important role in development and advancement of structured cabling, audio and video distribution and infra-red control technologies. The basic function of an AV modulator is to convert a signal into an RF output suitable for sending down a coaxial cable

Example Digi-MOD modulator system:

hd digital modulator wiring diagram

The Digimod-HD range:

digimod kt-fx series

The digi-MOD KT-FX series is developed specifically for the commercial AV distribution market and the only Foxtel approved HD modulator on the market. Encodes HDMI signal to any DTV channel, providing an easy way to distribute AV signals throughout buildings.

KT-FX1 1 Channel Modulator - A 1160
KT-FX1DA 1 Channel Modulator with loop through output & adjustable audio delay - A 1161
KT-FX4DA 4 Channel Modulator with adjustable audio delay - A 1165

digimod q4k-r1

The digi-MOD Q4K-R1 provides 4K input from modern ultra-HD sources and modulates to 1080p output. Fitted with HDMI loop output (4K) and IR return path for remote control of source equipment. A popular modulator with AV installers!

Q4K-R1 1 Channel 4K Modulator - A 1125B

digimod hd-4797

The HD-4797 4 channel modulator allows up to four HDMI equipped AV sources to be modulated at 1080p over a single RF output allowing the connected sources to be viewed at multiple locations depending on the splitters used. Features IR passthrough for remote controlling connected source devices.

HD-4797 4 Channel Modulator - A 1135

digimod hd-1608

The HD-1608 is a no frills economical HD modulator for HDMI sources. This high definition, HDMI equipped, modulation system will allow you to distribute any HD devices (Foxtel, DVD etc) in true HD around the home or business with ease. Ideal for retro-fitting/ upgrading older analogue modulator installations.

HD-1608 1 Channel Modulator - A 1139