Inspect-A-Gadget LED Magnifying Desk Lamps

Inspect-A-Gadget LED magnifying lamps are possibly the most useful device you could have in your work space for inspection. It helps to reduce eye strain when working on crafts and hobbies, making it very easy to view tiny objects and examine items etc. Its ideally suited to stamp and coin collectors, model makers, embroiderers, jewellers! An LED magnifier is useful for just about any hobby.

They're just as useful in professional applications such as repair facilities and laboratories - even beauticians and dermatlogists love the Inspect-A-Gadget.

Key Benefits of an Inspect-A-Gadget magnifier:

» Premium glass for a clear crisp view.
» Premium spring loaded swing arm or desktop versions - direct light to where you need it.
» SMD LED light ring provides a halo of illumination around your table.
» Stays in place once adjusted to a suitable position.
» Natural white 4500K light output replicates daylight.
» No changing fluoro tubes or starters!
» Fully mains approved for use in Australia.

We've sold this brand for over 20 years, so if you're looking to buy an LED magnifier for your work space you can't go past an Inspect-A-Gadget!

130mm Desk Mount LED Magnifier Series

The 130mm series offers a premium finish with spring loaded arm for easy placement wherever you require it. This model is available in 3 diopter for general purpose work or 5 diopter for a finer view. The long adjustable arm allows placement almost anywhere over your entire work space.

X 4200 3 Diopter
X 4201 5 Diopter

95mm Desk Mount LED Magnifier "Junior" Series

This desktop series is available in 3 diopter with 12 diopter insert, or with 5 diopter only glass. The main base allows forward tilting, whilst the upper ball joint allows easy adjustment of the head into a preferred position. At under $70 RRP, this handy lamp is probably the best value magnifier you can buy!

X 4204 3/12 Diopter
X 4205 5 Diopter