T1422 M3-M12 Tap and Die Set 20pc
T1483 Wallboard Gyprock Saw
T1485 Box Cutter Utility Knife
T1487 145mm Precision Hobby Knife
T1488 Spare Hobby Knife Blades to suit T 1487 Pk10
T1489 16 Piece Hobbyist Knife Kit
T1490A Multi-Purpose Snips with SK4 carbon steel
T2120 172 Piece 130W Rotary Tool Kit
T2305 3mm ( 1.8
T2306 19 Piece HSS-R Drill Bit Set
T2312A 140mm ( 5.5
T2313A 140mm ( 5.5
T2314A 40-300mm Adjustable Holesaw Cutter
T2315 Blade to Suit T2314
T2315A Blade to Suit T2314
T2315B Blade to Suit T2314A
T2320A 0.8mm x 38mm PCB Drill Bit
T2321A 1.0mm x 38mm PCB Drill Bit
T2322A 1.2mm x 38mm PCB Drill Bit
T2323A 1.5mm x 38mm PCB Drill Bit
T2329 PCB Drill Bit Set 0.3-1.2mm Pk 10
T2332 4 to 12mm / 9 Step Drill Bit
T2333 4 to 20mm / 9 Step Drill Bit
T2335 Stainless Steel Pin Vice

All prices include GST